Floods: Understanding Your Risk and Coverage

Floods might seem like distant threats, but the reality is, everyone lives in a flood zone to some degree. Even areas far from rivers or oceans can experience flooding due to various factors like overflowing lakes, storm surges, or even a burst pool in your own backyard.

That’s why understanding flood insurance is crucial for homeowners. Here’s a breakdown of why flood insurance matters and how it differs from coverage for water backups caused by internal plumbing issues:

Flood vs. Water Backup:

FeatureFloodWater Backup/Sump Pump Failure
CauseExternal water sources like overflowing rivers, lakes, storm surges, or burst poolsInternal plumbing issues like clogged sewer lines, sump pump failure, or defective fixtures
Affected areaCan range from specific areas to large regionsTypically affects basements, crawl spaces, or laundry rooms
Water sourceOutside the houseInside the plumbing system or drains
Weather dependenceMore likely during heavy rain or snowmelt, but can also occur unexpectedlyCan happen anytime, regardless of weather
Insurance coverageSeparate flood insurance required (often federally subsidized or mandatory in high-risk areas)May be covered by optional riders or endorsements added to your homeowners’ insurance (check with your insurer)

Why Flood Insurance Matters:

  • Standard homeowners’ insurance does not cover floods, leaving you financially responsible for repairs and damages.
  • Flood events are becoming more frequent and intense due to climate change, even in areas previously considered low-risk.
  • Flood insurance is relatively affordable, especially with government subsidies, and provides peace of mind knowing you’re protected from unforeseen events.


  • Everyone lives in a flood zone, and even a seemingly minor event like a burst pool can cause significant damage.
  • Flood insurance offers essential protection against financial losses from flood-related disasters.
  • Don’t wait until disaster strikes to secure flood insurance. Research your options and contact your insurance agent for quotes and coverage details.

By being proactive and understanding your flood risk, you can ensure your property is well-protected against the unexpected. Stay safe and informed!

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