How does mileage affect my policy?

1. Impact of Mileage: The more you drive, the higher your risk of accidents, so insurance companies typically charge higher premiums for higher mileage. Conversely, driving less can lead to lower premiums due to a reduced risk factor.

2. Verifying Mileage: You can estimate your annual mileage based on your driving habits or use your car’s odometer reading. They can also tap into third-party resources like Carfax. This data aggregator partners with many auto mechanics and body shops, collecting mileage information that insurance companies can access with your consent.

3. Sometimes this data can be wrong so some carriers will accept written statements from you attesting to your annual mileage and/or photos of your odometer in your vehicle. 

Remember, honesty about your mileage remains crucial, along with comparing quotes and exploring options.

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