Why is my insurance company asking me to Trim my Trees?

1. Roof wreckers: Strong winds can turn those leafy limbs into battering rams, damaging shingles, gutters, and even causing leaks. This can lead to costly repairs and potential claims on your insurance, raising your premiums in the long run.

2. Pest party crashers: Overhanging branches create a welcome mat for unwanted guests like squirrels, raccoons, and even insects. These critters can damage your roof, attic, and siding while seeking shelter or food, leading to further repair costs and potential insurance claims.

3. Falling for trouble: Dead or diseased branches are like ticking time bombs, waiting for a gust of wind or heavy snowfall to send them plummeting. They can damage your property, injure people or pets, and result in hefty insurance claims. Regular trimming and maintenance are crucial to prevent this scenario.

Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of (expensive) cure. Regularly trimming overhanging branches keeps your home safe, your wallet happy, and your insurance company content.

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