Insuring an Electric Vehicle

Everything you need to know about insuring an
electric vehicle

Fuel savings and being more environmentally friendly are just two reasons
consumers are choosing to purchase electric vehicles over their gas- and
diesel-fueled counterparts. While buying an electric vehicle might have
multiple benefits, you might also want to consider some of the differences,
like getting electric vehicle insurance compared to buying conventional auto
insurance. By understanding how to best insure an electric vehicle, you can
not only save money, but ensure you have the correct coverage for your new


The cost to insure any vehicle is based primarily on the vehicle itself and not
its fuel type. Electric cars are usually more expensive than their
gas-powered counterparts, so you may pay a higher premium for your
electric car insurance. There are some aspects to electric vehicles that may
make them more expensive to repair and replace, resulting in a higher
insurance premium.


The average electric car insurance cost in United States can range from
$122/month to well over $320/month depending on the type of vehicle you
are insuring, the coverage you want, and your driving information. On
average, you can expect to pay more for electric car insurance than
insurance for gas-powered vehicles.
Who provides electric car insurance?
Insuring an electric car is no different than covering a conventional vehicle.
Electric car policies feature the same coverage options such as liability,
bodily injury, collision and comprehensive coverages. Most national and
regional auto insurers write policies for electric vehicles, according to the
Insurance Information Institute (Triple-I) These are some of most reasonably
priced electric vehicles, which could potentially keep your insurance premium
● Kia Soul EV
● Nissan Leaf
● Fiat 500e
● Hyundai Ioniq Electric
● Tesla Model 3
● Volkswagen e-Golf
● Ford Focus Electric
Tesla Insurance
In August 2019, electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla launched Tesla
Insurance. Currently, Tesla only writes car insurance policies in Arizona,
California, Illinois, Ohio and Texas for all Model 3, Model S, Model X, Model Y
and Roadster Tesla owners but has plans to offer coverage throughout the
U.S. Tesla marketing claims the manufacturer launched the insurance
program because of the company’s intimate knowledge of the vehicles’
technology and serviceability.


If you decide to purchase an electric vehicle, you can save on insurance the
same way conventional car owners do: avoid accidents and traffic violations.
If you already have an electric car and are curious about finding more
affordable rates, consider requesting quotes from several providers. You
might get a better deal by switching to another company.
You can also take advantage of discount programs. Insurers offer all types of
discounts for purchasing multiple policies, insuring more than one vehicle,
remaining claims-free and taking a defensive driving course, among many


All indications show the electric car market will continue to grow. They offer
an environmentally friendlier way to get from one point to the next, quieter
engines and none of the nasty exhaust fumes of conventional vehicles.
Typically, electric cars require less regular maintenance and can go an
astounding number of miles on original parts.
The sticker price of an electric car might set you back a little more, and you
may pay slightly higher insurance rates. But you might be surprised. When
you take the time to shop around, you can often find rates comparable to
many conventional automobile makes and models. To achieve the lowest
premium possible, ask our agents about discount programs, including
discounts specifically for electric vehicles.
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