What is installation floater coverage and why do I need it?

Remember that beautiful granite countertop job you did for the Johnson family last month? Imagine this: you’re unloading the slabs from your truck, and oops! One slips and cracks – a total nightmare.

 Without Installation Floater Coverage, you’d be on the hook for replacing that expensive material and potentially delaying the entire project.  But with this vital coverage, you’re protected!

Here’s how it works:

 Scenario: You’re installing custom-made cabinets in a client’s kitchen. Unfortunately, during the delivery, the truck encounters a pothole, and one of the cabinets gets damaged beyond repair.

 Without Installation Floater Coverage:

  • You’d have to shoulder the cost of replacing the damaged cabinet, potentially eating into your profits.
  • You might need to delay the project while you source a replacement, causing frustration for your client.
  • The stress of this unexpected expense could affect your overall well-being and disrupt your business.

 With Installation Floater Coverage:

  • You simply file a claim with your insurance company.
  • They’ll cover the cost of repairing or replacing the damaged cabinet, ensuring your financial security.
  • You can continue the project on schedule, keeping your client happy and maintaining your professional reputation.
  •  Peace of mind and financial protection – that’s the power of Installation Floater Coverage. ️ It’s an investment that could save you from major headaches and keep your business running smoothly.

 Think of it as your safety net, preventing those unexpected falls from turning into financial disasters.  Don’t leave your hard work and reputation unprotected – get a quote for Installation Floater Coverage today!

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